ABOUT agora.

Agora is a hotel management company that provides management services for every kind of hospitality business, from family B&B concepts to five-star boutique hotels. We help you get the most out of your business and deliver your guests a unique experience that showcases what you do best.


Since our beginning,

we have been totally focused on building a strategic, quality hospitality management practice.

From the very beginning, Agora has been dedicated to building a great hospitality management solutions with a focus on personalisation, quality of service, business excellence, and long-term sustainable business concepts. To help our clients reach these goals, we constantly invest in our own knowledge by providing our own staff with continuing education in the fields of hospitality, marketing and business intelligence systems.


As an independent company, we rely on our reputation. This means we insist that our properties meet the highest standards and the best possible long-term outcomes for everyone involved, from guest to owner to investor. Let us turn your business into a model of excellence for your local market.


Change is the new normal in the hospitality industry, but one thing is certain – with the right management, the strengths and unique character of any independent hotel can be leveraged into a great success story. Agora will help you design yours.




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